Large Spindle Bore CNC Lathe
Heavy Duty & High Performance
One Lehigh Oil Country CNC lathe with 6” spindle bore was ready for shipment to a manufacture with main production of long hydraulic cylinders.
Lehigh EZ-CUT Series Metal Cutting CNC lathes are specially designed for many production shops with main applications for hydraulic cylinders, large and long shaft works, and regular machine shop jobs.
The benefit to have extra spindle bore and double chuck system is very obvious when it comes to the shops with lots of shaft work, hydraulic cylinder works.

Lehigh EZ-CUT series CNC lathe with large 6” spindle bore and double chuck system.
View from inside CNC lathe for steady rest, follow rest, tailstock and movable control station with two hand wheels.
Top quality Sauder Turret with V-8 turret tool changer to meet the needs of fast production.
 A long shaft work is installed on Lehigh EZ-CUT CNC lathe.
Prepararations of the shaft work
Installation of the shaft onto CNC lathe
Steady rest is used to provide support to the work piece. 
After the necessary preparation of the work piece, the operator of the CNC lathe properly installed and supported the shaft work onto this Lehigh CNC lathe.
A work piece is fully installed and ready for required machining work on this Lehigh CNC lathe.
Easy installation and easy setting with various tools on EZ-CUT series CNC lathe.
Both OD & ID turning work are performed within one simple programing.
V-8 turret for quick change tooling within the program.
Hollow spindle CNC lathes will be ideal for working with large shaft work in many hydraulic shops and oil country industry. Threading and cutting at both ends of lengthy shafts, tubes and pipes are easily performed by the large spindle bore oil CNC lathes.