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We offer state of the art Rim & Wheel Straightening Machine, High Tech CNC Wheel lathe machines, Precision Diamond Cutting CNC lathes, Rim Refinishing CNC Wheel Repair lathes, and the top quality Alloy Wheel Repair Equipment.
Our full line High Tech CNC Wheel lathe machines are used by hundreds of professional rim repair shops around the world with the overwhelming customer's satisfaction and guaranteed the best quality and reliability during many year's operation, plus the best services and technical support for many years after the sale.  
Lehigh alloy wheel straightening machine is built with half inch thickness steel tubing ensuring maxium rigidity. It is engineered with high efficiency allowing quick installation for rims with 3, 4, 5, 6, or 8 lug bolt holes patterns. Just one installation all the bents can be fixed.
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Lehigh MR-2540 rim refinishing CNC lathe is the first and the best dedicated CNC wheel lathe for rim repair industry since the year of 2001. More than 80% of professional rim shops in USA and Canada only use Lehigh's wheel CNC lathes for one simple reason: the quality and performance.  It is guaranteed to reproduce the factory or better quality finishes on rims. It comes with the most user friendly control system providing simple and easy operations. 
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Lehigh Hi-Tech wheel straightening machine is built with half inch thickness steel tubing ensuring maxium rigidity. It is engineered with high efficiency allowing quick installation. Flexible spindle can be flipped and secured at various positions so that multiple bents on the  same rim can be repaired with one installation only. 
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Lehigh MR-2940 CNC rim lathe is specially configured  for wider working capacity for rims between 14" and 25" .  The state-of-art   touchscreen  with conversational interface prompts the operator with steps needed to get the job done. Automatic digitizing generates the rim profile.  Then a quick trial run confirms the accuracy of the recorded profile.  Precise machining ensures minimum amount of the cutting for keeping the integrity of the wheel.  
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Lehigh top quality wheel repair equipment is designed with maxium rigidity and durability. It is engineered with best hydraulic system that extremely powerful but moving very slowly during the work process avoiding cracking the alloy wheels. No hammer is needed any more. 
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Lehigh MR-3360 CNC wheel repair machine is specially configured for large sports car wheels and truck wheels ranging from 14" to 32".  Alternating two-axes digitizing made it possible for large truck rims to be measured in both X and Z directions. The heavy duty Meehanite casting ensures maxium rigidity and stability of the machine construction.  Top quality chuck is installed to provide outstanding accuracy, versatility and easy operation.  Special lip cutting tool and lip cutting program expedites the rim repair process. 
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“The MR - 2540 has been an invaluable addition to our business. It’s simplicity to use matched with its superior finish can’t be matched by any other product on the market. The support from Steven and the team at Lehigh has been fantastic. I highly recommend this machine to anyone who is serious about alloy wheel repair. "

Tom Wilkinson
Advanced Alloys
Melbourne, AU