Top Quality and High Performance

Rim repair machines

      At Lehigh, we offer top quality professional rim refinishing CNC lathes, wheel straightening machines, oil country CNC and manual lathes at competitive price. Our cutting-edge design and superior manufacturing meets the needs of nostop production work of many rim repair shops and machine shops. 

      Lehigh SR-2410 wheel straightening machine is built with half inch thickness steel tubing ensuring maxium rigidity. It is engineered with high efficiency allowing quick installation for rims with 3, 4, 5, 6, or 8 lug bolt holes. Flexible spindle can be flipped and secured at various positions so that multiple bends on the  same rim can be repaired with one installation only. 
        We are dedicated to help our customers by providing top quality machines, excellent customer service, comprehensive training and effective technical support.
             Our custom-built rim refinish CNC machines meet the demands of rapid growing rim repair industry. Mutiple models of rim and wheel refinishing CNC lathes are designed for professional rim shops all over the world with high quality, high performance and high productions. These rim and wheel CNC lathes are configured to reproduce original finishes on rims through an easy and user friendly work process. The state-of-the-art touch screen monitor is ideal for conversational interface between the operator and the computer without having the knowledge of G-code and the CNC programming. The average time to complete the work process including digitizing, trial run, and machining for a typical rim is less than 10 minutes.